Installation of 3D RAD complete and customizing an example to make a game

I did a screen grab from start to finish. I started with a fresh installation of 3D RAD 7.22. I wanted to start from there, not use my own version, so that you could see exactly how it installs and what it can do with absolutely no customization. I opened the stock examples and showed what can be done, how easy it is to build a working game with a few clicks and a little understanding of what those clicks will/can do. After that I opened my own version and showed you some of the same projects and some of the same game examples as in the fresh install, but because I have built my own models I can customize those examples and turn them into real games in a few minutes. While not on a par with Unreal or Unity, 3D RAD can easily build real games without having to know anything about programming.

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