This is written to provoke you. Not to violence, violence doesn’t work; but to anger. Anger fuels bursts of new thought. New thought fuels change, change gets rid of the garbage in our worlds that builds until we remove it.

As well, things like this, things that are true are more and more often buried or ignored. Hate it, hate me for printing it, but be provoked to change…

Capitalism depends upon a lower social class, working class, to carry the burden for all the classes above it. It can not work without that. It was the excuse for slavery: It provided that lower class captive, so they could not escape their destiny. Of course there were still millions of poor worldwide, but that fact was ignored. And of course there were many excuses for slavery including that it kept men from raping decent women, as though female slaves were also less decent than a normal woman might be. This provided a false uplifting of circumstances: As though you could be in better circumstances although still a slave. And really, economics kept the masses as slaves with no chains, no prisons, and they still do.

Some may live their whole life believing they are free when in fact they are a slave to the economic system that powers this country. No more free to step outside of their boundaries than a prisoner in chains. Digest that for a moment. You follow their rules, use their system, praise their Gods, and you accept their penalties when you step outside of those rules. How can you escape a system doing that?

I am not speaking of laws. Every society requires laws to the benefit of all. I am talking about class distinction. Repression. Where are the prisons for the rich? Nowhere. The rich don’t have to go by those rules. Why do the laborers who provide the power to run this country make so little? They used to teach this in economics when I went to school. I’m not sure they teach it anymore, best to keep the masses ignorant, or give them the pretense of ignorance, because the truth is you can not outgrow it, or escape it, until you acknowledge it and challenge it, Dell…

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