Star trek

Star Dancer Book One

  Michael Watson sat at the mouth of the cave staring out over the valley below. This close to the thick plastic, the air was cold, but the wooden benches were comfortable if a little hard. They had served for dozens upon dozens of people since they had been built some thirty years before: Winter was much longer, longer for the sun to warm the ground, and glaciers were forming: Michael wondered if he would see them come this far in his lifetime...

Star Dancer Book Two: Hay Vida

  The world will go on and on when we are nothing at all but dust upon the ground. We will pick the world up and drag it around with us from place to place forever until there is no more time left. It was what our ancestors on Mars had done: Picked up and moved their entire civilization to Earth. And Earth had proven too hard to adapt to, and so we had had retreated to our DNA and become slightly different; enough so that it didn’t matter, and we had begun again.
This time on Hay Vida we might not have to retreat to our DNA at all. It might be possible to go forward and adapt as we age.  

For the last two days he had found himself thinking in an new direction. All the old stuff we depended on is gone and that’s okay. He didn’t care at all if he never saw space again…

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