America the Dead Survivor Stories

AMERICA THE DEAD Survivor Stories

America The Dead Survivor Stories One:

contains the first two books of the America The Dead series. An apocalypse of epic proportions has shaken the Earth to it’s core. In the bigger cities the dead are growing quickly in numbers. Growing intelligent as they continue to change and mutate.

America The Dead Survivor Stories Two:

Bear cleared his throat a little. “Maddy and I talked a little… This place is safe, but it isn’t where we need to be, so we thought we’d light out… Tomorrow… Jersey, maybe further, either way, out of the city is the goal.”

America The Dead Survivor Stories Three:

Billy paced the hallway, trying to think it out, telling himself they had to leave soon. Telling himself it was the right thing to do. The problem was that he was not used to doing the right thing.

America The Dead Survivor Stories Four:

Gabe Kohlson moved away from the monitors. “Heart rate is dropping, don’t you think…” He stopped as the monitor began to chime softly. Before he could get fully turned around the chiming turned into a strident alarm that rose and fell.

America The Dead Survivor Stories Five:

Today we decided to see if the city was any better on the other side of the river. It isn’t. We crossed the river, the Black river, on a railroad trestle. There is a traffic bridge, and it looks passable, but it’s clogged with cars and some of those cars look purposely placed to block it off.

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