Unused Diary Entries: Earth’s Survivors-13

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I set the pencil aside and listened to the noises outside the old frame house. Some other farmer’s house, three thousand miles from my own home. Dark sounds, rustling, had to be the dead, but there was nothing for it. I picked the pencil up, flexed my fingers and began to write again…

Yesterday I found an old bottle of whiskey in a locked cabinet in the living room and resolved to leave it be. Now I have changed my mind. I have been sipping at it while I sit here and write. Maybe it will help my resolve with the part I still have to play after I write this out. Maybe it won’t, I don’t know. But I do know it is helping my head right now, and that is enough for me.

So, we had been trying to get to 405…

Leaving Los Angeles…

Johnny led them towards the rear garage area of the dealership, where they found a full size four wheel drive Chevy pickup. Johnny had worked at a dealership before, and recognized the garage area as the prep shop.

“When someone buys a new car,” Johnny said, “or truck, or whatever, they have to prep it. Take the plastic off the seats, fill the tank, wax it, sort of get it ready for the customer, you know?”

“I thought they came from the factory all ready to go?” Lana said.

“Well… they do, sort of,” Johnny agreed, “but they have plastic over the seats to protect them, and oil drips from the cars overhead on the transport trucks; dirt gets tracked into them when the guys move them around the lot. Sometimes they may have a scratch, or small dent that the body shop guys have to fix, and they get paint over-spray all over the car; dust in it, you name it. I used to have to prep cars, and it’s not much fun. Minimum wage type of job and the salesman who sold the car is usually breathing down your neck all the time you’re getting it ready. I hated it, but you do what you have to do to pay the bills. I figured if we’re going to find a truck all ready to go, this would be the first place to look. Gassed up and the whole nine yards. They even waxed it for us.” Johnny finished, trying to break the somber mood that had set in as they crossed the airfield.

His effort worked partially, Lana offered him a small smile as she spoke. “You know a lot of things don’t you?”

“Not really,” Johnny said. “I just worked at a lot of different jobs. Mainly just to keep the farm afloat, but also, I guess, because I believe you should learn as much as you possibly can. It worked for me. I grew up with a lot of guys who were constantly unemployed. Maybe they were carpenters, or roofers, or auto mechanics, farmers like me, whatever. When things would get bad, they’d get laid off, or the prices would drop for produce, it’s always something. Not that things never got slow for me, they did, but I could go to work somewhere else fairly quickly. I can practically build a house from the ground up, and do all the rough and finish, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. The same with cars. I just learn well, I guess and it paid off. Someday I’d like to build my own house.”

“I’ve always wanted to own a house,” Lana said, the tentative smile had grown wider as she listened to Johnny talk. “I never thought I would live anywhere except that crummy apartment,” she laughed. “Manor la cucaracha,” She smiled at Johnny’s puzzled look. “Cockroach manor… My nickname for the place. If I never own a house I guess that would be fine with me, as long as I never have to live in that dump again.”

Johnny was nodding his head as she finished speaking. “I know what you mean. I had a crummy little place up in Seattle out of college. I used to take all the overtime I could get, so I wouldn’t have to go back to it too soon. I really hated it, I mean completely. I had this dream of buying some land and building my own house, when this is over that’s what I would like to do. Just find a nice place and build a house. Maybe have some cows again. I guess that sounds kind of stupid, but it really is what I want to do, and if I make it through this in one piece, I’m going to.”

“It doesn’t sound stupid to me at all,” Lana said, “in fact it sounds like a good plan, a good dream to hold on to. I’ve never really dared to dream. I guess now it’s okay to dream. You think?”

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Raw Survival in a Crushed World

Chaos reigns after the crash of a meteorite that begins a domino effect of cataclysmic portions around the world. With no laws, no military, no leaders to follow, survivors band together in a desperate search for safe havens across the globe. Follow the stories of these lost souls as they begin their quest to rebuild what remains of humanity while witnessing both the best and worst the human race has to offer.
Earth’s Survivors: Apocalypse by Dell Sweet follows isolated survivors from across the country as they wander through the nightmare their lives have become. Heroes come in all sizes and shapes, meet them here as they risk their lives to lead or follow in a world where the rules are made up minute by minute. I found myself asking, “What would I do, would I have the strength to lead fairly? Would I have the trust to follow a stranger? Why does evil survive and thrive in times of crisis?”

What Dell Sweet has done is bring an apocalyptic event to life, fueling the flames of chaos by highlighting different groups in different areas, all facing the confusion and fear of a world gone mad, of death and loss. Still the hope comes through, as innocent victims band together to become real survivors, real heroes. Adding another terrifying layer to an already decimated world, are the lawless, those who are wired to overpower, destroy and take through heinous acts of villainy. I found myself asking why they survived, what short circuit in their brains make them the way they are?

There are no superheroes, there is no magic, this is survival, raw, real and filled with brutal scenes vividly described, characters that come alive with emotions we can all relate to and bold and braves moves made while heading into the unknown of tomorrow. Will they survive or have governments betrayed their people before collapsing? The stage has been set for more and I want to take this ride to the very end.

I was riveted to each page, stopping just short of taking notes; just in case. Far too realistic to be ignored, far too well-written not to fall into each page!

I received this copy from George Dell in exchange for my honest review.

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Earth’s Survivors Apocalypse

Reaching out to the surrounding communities! We are organizing search parties by day to ferret out the dead…

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Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley

Small bands of survivors are joining together, making their way across the devastation of America…
The morning turned to early afternoon before the four trucks pulled up out of the field together, followed the service roadway back onto route 3 and headed toward Clifton. Cammy studied a map as Bear drove.
“It’s hard to believe this is as far as we have got in over a month together,” she said as she studied the map.
“We had no real direction,” Bear supplied. “It’s not like we had decided on a place and headed toward it.” Bear watched the sides of the road. They were traveling along at less than twenty miles an hour, weaving down into the median, and off onto the service roads that paralleled the highway when they had too.
There were too many cars abandoned next to the road, in the road, even across the road, to be able to keep track of all of them at one time. A large mall came up on the right and Bear slowed at the interchange to look it over. Billy’s truck rolled up, the window dropped and Beth leaned out.
“Looks okay,” she said, breaking the silence of the quiet afternoon.
“Except it’s quiet,” Bear agreed. “That’s always been bad news.”
Beth held up her machine pistol. “We need what we need.”
Bear nodded. “Let’s go then… We stay together though.”
Beth nodded, Billy shifted back into drive and waited for Bear to pull away. He pulled in behind him and followed.
There was a thick line of trees behind the shops that Bear didn’t like. It seemed like the perfect place for the dead to hide away. He drove slowly into the first Mall area, past the trees and into the second lot. The trees were not as thick up close, but he could still not see through them, and it bothered him. Anything, or one, could be hidden within them. He turned the truck and pointed it back toward the entrance road and shut it down.
Billy, and then Mac, pulled down, turned around, and stopped next to Bear’s truck. They shut down too and the ticking of cooling motors filled the silence of the parking lot. Bear looked around the lot, but saw nothing that seemed out of place.
Abandoned cars and trucks. The front doors to a discount store were shattered, the aluminum frames twisted, pushed open wide and pinned against the faux brick front with carts. Bear had left the windows up. He didn’t like the idea of having to start the truck to roll them back up. It was better to roll them up before he shut down. He levered the door open, and stepped down to the pavement. Beside him, Billy, Beth, and Mac stepped out of their own vehicles too. The doors chuffed closed, and the silence came back heavy.
Bear scanned the parking lot but saw nothing. He looked over at Beth. She shrugged and looked back over at the wood line Bear turned away and started toward the shattered front entrance, the others fell in behind him.
The front of the store was destroyed. They stayed together, walking aisle to aisle looking for the dead.
The smell had hit all of them when they crossed the threshold into the store. The dead were there: Where they did not know. They walked slowly forward into the huge building. Silent. Safeties off their rifles, waiting.

Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley: The front of the store was destroyed. They stayed together, walking aisle to aisle looking for the dead: Safeties off their rifles, waiting.

Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley

 We have heard that the dead are overrunning the cities. Help us. We search out and kill them by day… Katie

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America the Dead Los Angeles

Billy Jingo.

The night was beautiful, Billy thought as he walked along Beechwood Avenue. He knew pretty much everyone he passed. He had been here for a little over six months having made his way up from Mexico when things had gone bad for him there. Technically he was on the run. Warrants out of New York. Somebody had put two and two together and dug up some prints from a crime Billy had been involved with. He had only found out about it because he had happened to be away from the house when the Feds showed up. His neck of the woods had no municipal police, but even if it had they wouldn’t have come with shotguns and armor.

He had hid out for three days until the word had trickled down to him that it was him they were looking for to hand over to some federal agents from the U.S. It hadn’t taken much to put two and two together. He had managed to get a beat up old Ford pickup truck and then filled-fifty five gallon drums full of gasoline that rode on the back of it. He set off into the desert.

The rest had been easier. Despite the laws and the changes in the U.S. It was pretty easy to disappear here. He had come with a little money, and that had helped. He had worked a series of meaningless jobs as he worked his way up the west coast. Seattle had looked good and so it had held him. That and Beth had come along.

Beth was out of reach and he knew it, but that didn’t stop the fact that he wanted her to be in reach. He had never met a woman like her. So he had stayed. He had watched her arrival from God knew where, some other place in California or Washington probably. He had watched her struggle to survive on the streets: Watched her work those same streets, doing her act in any place she could get into by day, walking the streets by night, and it was then he had seen something else in her. Something hard, some will he himself had that was hard to define, but that hardness in her pulled him to her like a magnet. It was that simple.

He had been working for Harry by then and so he had mentioned Beth to him. He didn’t know how the details had worked out, but a few weeks later when he had noticed she had disappeared from the avenue, he had found her tending bar at Harry’s Palace.

Now, as he walked he became immune to the world around him. He never heard Don until he was on him, had spun him around and dragged him into an alley.

“Hey… Hey! Don… What the fuck, Don… Hey!” But it did no good. The first punch nearly shut him down. The second did. The rest he never knew about.

Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/earths-survivors-america-the-dead-los-angeles/id918640704

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America the Dead Podcast:

Unused Diary Entries: Earth’s Survivors-14

They had seen me from quite a way off, crossing the square as they were heading back. It looked to them like I was heading for the north side, maybe crossing one of the bridges, but by the time they got there I was gone. They even began to wonder if I had seen them and hidden on purpose, maybe out of fear. They had searched for awhile and then, just when they had been about to quit for the day, James realized that he could smell smoke. As soon as he said it, everyone else realized they had smelled it all along as well. It didn’t take long after that to find the factory. They just followed the smell of smoke down to the lower road and found it.

So that was that, and now we are six. Jake, Jake Light, he was their leader as I said. He’s an older guy, in his late thirties. Used to be a truck driver.

Candace Lee (Don’t call her Honey. I don’t know why, except she made a point of saying that.). She’s nineteen. I thought she was with Jake. I think Jake thought so also.

James and Jan Adams. James is a little older than Jan, in his fifties, and he said he is a mechanic. Jan does, did, data processing.

And Lydia. Her real name is Marcia George. Lydia is her middle name. She said she always liked Lydia better. She was still in school, local college. I guess she’s the same age as Candace, nineteen.

And last but not least, me.

We spent all of yesterday getting their stuff from across the river and bringing it over to the factory. I thought that was weird. Why go get stuff anyway? You can have anything you want. It’s all free. But in another way I guess I understand. We’ve lost everything. We want to hang on to what little we still do have. We’re all going to stay here. And we talked about what’s next, and what we know about what happened.

I said I had been kind of planning to leave once spring came. Head south or west, somewhere where I wouldn’t have to worry about winter. Jake said it may be that, where it would normally have been warmer, it won’t be any more. He said it depends on what happened. None of us really know. He thinks it might be smarter to stay here. We could stock up this factory. We could even hunt. He said he’s sure there are deer around. James agreed with him, at least on there being deer around.

I told them about the footprints by my house. They said they had seen footprints as well. They had gone out Coffeen Street and saw tracks of three or four people going in and out of a small store there. They had called out, but no one had answered. They had had second thoughts about calling out too. They weren’t armed. What if someone shot at them?

That brought my original thoughts to mind about a weapon. I mentioned the sporting goods store, and we all agreed to make a trip out there soon.

We talked about cars and trucks and agreed it would be good to get an SUV or truck of some kind if we could find one that will run, as they might be the only vehicles that could drive around as bad as things are torn up. They have also tried starting a few vehicles with no success. I mentioned my electronic brain idea, and Jake said he had thought of the same thing. Turns out he’s also a mechanic. I guess I can see why they chose him to lead. I feel kind of useless around the guy though. We agreed to try finding an older vehicle. Jake thinks our chances of getting one running are good. We’ll see what we can find.

The first night together was good. The best I’ve slept since this thing started. Just not being alone, you know?

I guess I’ll end on that note…

Andrea Tyse: Erotic Fiction 2

Used as a weapon against terrorism for years Danni has never seen life as more than just a job. Being orphaned at a young age she grew up institutionalized by the government that modified her by introducing bioengineered viruses and bacteria that help Danni do her job by regenerating her body over and over no matter how damaged she gets trying to protect the people around her. Now things are changing, she has a new partner and he’s nothing at all like she expected.

Simon is a charming good looking guy with the world at his fingertips. He doesn’t know anything is missing until he see’s his new partner. Danni is sexy, sweet and innocent and he just can’t keep his hands to himself when it’s completely against the rules. Danni is a Bionite and you aren’t supposed to fall in love with one.

11000 word short story. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age and older. This book is for adult audiences only.