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Published by George Dell

If you are thinking about ditching Windows for something that works check out Linux Mint. I have it installed on my laptop with the Cinnamon desktop the 64 bit flavor. It is an older laptop and it runs it well and fast. It found and set up all of the drivers, video, audio, WIFI with no trouble. I tried Ubuntu, Lubuntu and several other flavors and this looks and acts more Windows like so it is easier to get used to. Comes with Firefox or you can go to the software download center and install Chrome easily. It is the equivalent of Chrome. It will sync with your Chrome account and within a few moments you’ll have all of your passwords and you’ll be ready to go. Same if you decide to keep Firefox, it will also sync with your Chrome account, just type in your Google eMail and password and within a few seconds Firefox will sync with your Chrome account and you’ll be all set.
For Writers: It comes with Open Office, or the Linux Community version of it already installed. It will open, edit and read your Word docs. I wrote several of my books without ever owning a copy of Word using the language module that now comes standard with Open Office. I write constantly and so I have to say that it is not as fast as Word, but it will produce finished documents acceptable to Smashwords or Amazon, and the language module has steadily improved with both American, EU and even AU English modules now along with dozens of other languages.
It comes standard with GIMP which in my opinion is every bit as good as anything out there. It may have a few things to get used to but it can produce quality work. I have Photoshop but I stopped using it in favor of GIMP a few years back. I wish Linux or one of the package builders would Port something closer to Photoscape, because although it does offer photo manipulation it is not as good as Photoscape.
I am rebuilding an 8 core machine/server right now that will run Linux Mint and Windows both which is why I have been testing out various versions/flavors of Linux to find something I can work with. I absolutely hate Laptop computers, they just seem counterintuitive to me, but with Linux Mint on it I have enjoyed it for a few weeks now and decided to install it on the 8 core build.
The security factor is a big deal. There just aren’t many hackers trying to hack their way into Linux systems. Clam AV and several other virus programs work well. I have even use the Windows versions of them on my Windows machines and had no problems at all.
I wrote this article in Open Office and used the spell check and Firefox to post it. Take a look if you are thinking about a Windows alternative. (To be fair I did have to edit part of this for common mistakes to me that the spell check missed, but the same things get missed in Word as my friend Andrea always tells me)

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