Dumber than a box of rocks…

Dumber than a box of rocks…
Do you realize that at some time in the past someone made that saying up? … Dumber than a box of rocks… Hmm, well I think they may have been talking about me when they did.
I have been taking things easy, but since I am probably one of the highest strung people you will ever know, taking it easy is sometimes twice as much as a normal person would be doing; except I really have been less physical, taking it easy and part of that was leisurely working on my 8 core machine I have been building for awhile.
I decided to make it into a game and programming machine: Build video games and play them on it and also play a lot of the old games I always loved. Games like Need For Speed, Midnight Club, Pro Street, Test Drive Off Road , Stunts (A very old DOS game I love).

So that all went well. I had a blast building it, and I swapped out the dual 4 cores for faster dual cores as the games don’t need all that processing power. So yesterday I decided to try out the Xeon to standard Intel processor swap. Here’s how it works: The Xeon processors use nearly identical architecture as the Core Duo and Core 2 Quads core processors. The Xeons are made for heavy duty machines/ CAD/ CAM Video editing, game building, etc. They are awesome processors. So a few days back I ordered the swap kit which consists of a very small circuit patch that swaps two pins on the Xeon so it will work in the Cord Duo socket. Easy Peasy as it turns out. I modded two Xeons, a duo core and a quad core and then put them in a bench machine to see if they would work.

The thing is not all Motherboards can run the Xeon swap, my bench test was an Intel board and they don’t usually work, but I wanted to see anyway. (For those keeping track this test was on an Intel- DG41RQ and the two processors were #1: Intel Xeon X5355 2.66GHz 8MB Cache 1333MHz CPU Processor SLAEG quad core (Would not boot, halted at POST and informed me I had installed an unsupported processor) and #2: Intel Xeon 5160 3.0GHz 4MB Cache 1333MHz dual core. (Booted to Win 10 and then crashed and would not re-boot). Both of these processors are inexpensive which is why I chose them to test.)

I started with the quad core and after POST got a screen advising me that the processor I installed was unsupported. So I tried the duo core and it actually booted to windows and then crashed. Damn, but it proved to me that I did the mods correctly as it would never have booted at all if I hadn’t.
So that would be the place to stop; I have other boards on the way that I know the modded Xeons will work with, but no… I decide that since I just did all of the work on the 8 Core machine I might as well kick it up and try it to see if it benches higher.
All good, except I had unplugged and removed one of the case fans. I intended to replace it with a bigger fan as Xeons run pretty hot and I wanted a lot of airflow.
So I kick it on and immediately on POST it stops because there is no Case Fan. So in all my wisdom I decide to plug the fan in hot.
The fan is six inches across and high rpm. Since there is a critical alert the BIOS is upping the voltage to that socket and when I plug it in the fan jumps to life and it bites me. Just a nick to my middle finger, but I jump and that causes my pinkie to slip inside the fan.
It gets hit so hard that it stops the fan and breaks the blade. A split second later the pain hits and I try to pull my finger free.
Did I say dumber than a box of rocks? I did and I understand that now. The pinkie comes out and the fan kicks up and I am jostling with the fan wondering what the hell I was thinking and my pinkie slips back in and the broken blade slices it length way to the bone on the pad and then the next blade gets the top bone deep and then I finally let go of the fan which was still spinning and it took off the tip of the finger and then hit the video card as it was falling and killed that too
Yes, the language was colorful and since I am on blood thinners it looked like a murder had been committed pretty quickly. I managed to reach over and pull the plug right out of the wall and headed for the kitchen.
The last time I did something like this I had to go to the emergency room and they had to used styptic powder like they use on boxers to get it to stop. This time heavy pressure and cursing stopped the flow. It took about an hour and then we changed the bandage and looked at all the damage.
So the moral to this story is if you are going to be dumber than a box of rocks carry band-aids… And antiseptic… And have a spare video card… And have a good mother who knows you are an idiot but will patch you up anyway… Stuck the end back on, hopefully it will take… Will lose the nail for sure, but everything else looks okay. Probably fractured it, hurts like hell. But hey! I’m seeing docs and more docs so I will have something to show them… Is that like show and tell back in school? … Is this what it was preparing me for…?


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