Tragedy in the city A short story by Geo Dell

Tragedy in the city

A short story by Geo Dell


It was 5:00 PM Thursday night when Elsa’s phone rang in her Manhattan loft.

I am so unused to these cell phones, she thought as she picked the cell phone up. Imagine being able to be reached anywhere!

Elsa was used to the farm. She had just come to the big city. On the farm there was an old rotary phone in the barn that rang maybe once or twice a year. Never more than that. The big city had so much more than the farm had. It was amazing.

“Hello?” Elsa said as she picked up the phone and tried to hold it so she could both hear and be heard. She supposed regular users had no trouble with the things, but she was always uncertain whether she was being heard at all.

“Hello to you,” a pleasant male voice replied. “Elsa, I know you’re new in town and a few of us are getting together for a little celebration tonight and I thought to invite you.”

“Oh… My,” said Elsa. “I don’t know… Daddy said never to go anywhere with strangers…”

“Oh… I see… Well, Elsa, my name is Ron and I’m from your home town… The old McDonald farm?”

“Oh… That’s right… I remember hearing about that farm…  He had a duck, didn’t he?”

“Yes… He did… With a duck, duck here, and a duck, duck there…”

“Right… That’s the guy… I remember,” Elsa said happily.

“So, you see, Elsa, you do know me after all, so will you come to the party this evening? … After all you would be the main attraction,” Ron told her.

“Well, daddy did say it was perfectly alright to go somewhere with someone you know and I do have to get to know people… And the city… I’ll go,” Elsa decided.

It was 7:00 PM Thursday evening when Elsa the cow walked into the McDonalds restaurant. I’ll be fine now, thought Elsa the cow. The clown beside her began to laugh…

The End.

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