DAW Digital Audio Work Stations you can get for free

DAW Digital Audio Work Stations you can get for free


For the uninitiated Audacity is a free, open source DAW that takes audio recording back to its basics. It has seen massive popularity. With Audacity you can create multi-track recordings and edit them with effects for removing noise, stretching time, correcting pitch etc. Take a look around the web and you will find thousands of Plug-ins that will work with it. I use this myself and I love it…
Audacity is available for free on Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS’s


Traction is a complete DAW you can get for free. Yes you will have to input your eMail and a password, download and install Traction and when it prompts you to unlock it enter your eMail and password you chose and that is it. A completely free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).


LMMS may not feature audio recording capabilities but what that means for LMMS is that they’ve designed one of the best DAWs for MIDI recordings and arrangements. It features multiple instrument and effect plugins as well as supporting VST plugins.

Its multitude of easy to access synthesizers is one of the most appealing features of LMMS which ranges from its embedded ZynAddSubFx to Nintendo, Gameboy and game sound effect emulation.

LMMS is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux…


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