Three scrap wood build by Geo Dell

Three scrap wood build by Geo Dell

My next project, a three guitar build. One Tele style body, one Strat style body, one SG style body.

Start to finish builds similar to the last SG build. They will all be similar finishes and designs, yet different. It will be fun and keep me occupied for a while.

All the wood is recycled scrap wood. The necks are recycled, and the rest of the parts will come as the builds are done, but I have some ideas in my head and a few drawers in my shop full of new old stock electronics, knobs, pickups, etc.

The one neck had a bad truss rod, and I will have to fit a new one in it. The other neck has been stripped of frets, the last is a blank sg style that was roughed, rough fretted and then left. These three necks have been in my shop for a very long time, and these blanks are the same lot I assembled that I made the last SG from…

The first job was to cut out the blanks, which I did, but the second job turned into something else entirely. It should have been a straight forward job to begin sanding, but instead I decided to attempt to reinstall the truss rod in the one neck it had been yanked from, and when I did that I found the true reason it had been taken out.

Unfortunately the fretboard cracked when the truss rod was used as the rod was not mounted correctly  in the slot.

The truss rod was good, the neck itself was straight and problem free, but as soon as I pushed the truss rod in the fret board opened up in three places where it had cracked. Theses places simply looked like cracks in the finish when I had looked at them, but with truss rod in it was clear to see that they were cracks. The first time the fretboard had been put under stress from the truss rod it had cracked straight through in those three places.

I had a choice to make, I had nothing into the neck, it is a good hard maple neck, straight, so I decided a look see to find out why the fretboard had failed was in order, and then a new fretboard if it was fixable.

The old fretboard was not interested in coming off. It did come off in pieces without too much damage to the neck, a few chisel gouges, nothing serious. The old stubborn board fought me for every inch.

The old board chiseled off and the neck flattened on a belt sander.

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