Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Today I began deleting links for the Earth’s Survivors series; if you don’t know, I announced a few weeks back that over the next few weeks I would be retiring the Earth’s Survivors series and the books. 

For ten years writing that series has been my life, and I assumed it would be painful to pull the plug on a series whose characters I have written thousands upon thousands of words about and come to know very well: It wasn’t though.

The majority of the material was never used, published. Three notebooks out of twenty formed the books that were published, the rest are sitting in a file cabinet. It frees me up to concentrate on health, family, friends, and other writing projects I have put off for a very long time. It also means changes in my social calendar.

I enjoy Twitter and am able to be there every day now. I have also wanted a site like this, like the one I started in the late eighties, and again in the early two thousands. Both were successful, but I couldn’t run them and write full time too: The health problems I faced didn’t help.

This is the same independAntwriters domain I used to own and maintain for writers, and as before, anyone can easily create an account and post their writing, book links, blogs, whatever they wish to.

I will publish here weekly as well. No rules needed, one of the reasons I quit FB posting and came here, is that I can say what I want to say. Doesn’t mean vulgarities, swearing, it means people have opinions, and they should be able to express them without a place like FB censoring them, deleting posts, obviously censorship is what FB is becoming about, in my opinion. Last you will hear from me about that. Click to log in and make an account, Dell…

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By dell