Wed. Dec 8th, 2021
The Zombie Plagues on NOOK (Barnes and Nobel) Check out the series and get book one FREE!
The Zombie Plagues Book 1: If the world ended tomorrow would you be able to survive? #Zombie #Nook #horror

The Zombie Plagues Book 2 follows a small group of men and women as they struggle… #Preppers #Dystopian
The Zombie Plagues 3. Life is good for some, but life in the real world is a different story #apocalypse

The Zombie Plagues Book 4: I saw the zombie take a mouthful of her back, just below the curve of her neck. #Undead

The Zombie Plagues Book 5 The Story of Billy and Beth and their flight out of L. A. #LosAngeles

The Zombie Plagues Dead Road: The Collected books.
Contains books 1 thru 6. Books One through five were published, book six was not…
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