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Fig Street


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A Glennville Book: Fig Street Book One

A large building showed in the distance, an old factory, he thought, something, just something to look at as he rolled along, the car came abreast of the building, and just as it started to sweep by, he caught site of something odd in the field at the end of the cracked asphalt drive that lead to the building. He slowed for a better look.

Something really odd… Maybe a dog? A dog just lying there? It looked a little odd, a little used up, like maybe the dog had been hit by a car and crawled up there to die. Except, the grass was flattened all around, like maybe… He didn’t know, maybe some others animals came along the body and…

He pressed a little harder on the brake pedal.

No. Too big for a dog…

He was even with the thing, and it was not a dog, or even a tame bear, unless tame bears looked exactly like a persons body. Because that is what it was, a body, the hair was what he had mistook for fur, but it was not fur. It was blood matted hair. Long hair… A woman? Clumps of it. A man? You couldn’t tell these days, the boys looked like the girls most of the time. He unconsciously shifted the car in park, left it running in the middle of the road, and then stumbled from the car and up the cracked asphalt drive to look.

A second later a low scream tore from his throat and he stumbled back down the asphalt toward the car where it sat idling.

He heard tires crunching on gravel before he saw the police car, a shiny Ford Galaxy, swing down off the road and roll to a stop next to him as he pulled up short.

“Jesus!” The officer said as he exited the car. “You didn’t touch nothin’, did you?”

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