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One thought on “Geo Dell’s The Nation Chronicles Fan Fiction: Zero Kindle Edition”
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    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Begins The End by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #1 When a catastrophic natural disaster looms on the near horizon, the government releases an airborne virus designed to make the human race tougher, better able to survive. It was developed for soldiers to make them better able to fight, go longer without food and water, and increase their strength. In its virus host it bonds itself to our own cells and helps them to regenerate at an advanced rate, … Read more( 6) $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Zombie Fall by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #8 Arlene’s Journal: It’s the night before the six will leave to go back to the outside. I think of it that way… The outside. This place is something I have never had. So much love, so much caring, it overwhelmed me for the first little while. That and the other. Having to kill a man. But it was worse for those who stayed behind when we made our way to this place. If they had not stayed to fight the … Read more$2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Manhattan by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #3 Harlem ~ March 6th: Donita sat on a stool in the kitchen writing in her little notebook. Something was going on out in the world. Something, and the news was covering it up. The local news had been canceled. First at noon and now again at five. There had been no strange weather today, but the time was still off. Really off. The days were longer, no doubt about it at all. There were fires burning out … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: The Zombie Plagues by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #9 Donita. New York: The fires smoldered but no longer burned. Donita walked down Eighth Avenue towards Columbus Circle. Behind her a silent army followed, numbering in the thousands. From the circle they would take the park. There were thousands of the living camped out in the park. She could smell them on the air that flowed past her face as she walked. They had believed they were safe in their numbers. … Read more (2) $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: War At Home 2 by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #5 It was about an hour and a half past sunset when Mike took over one of the perimeter guard posts from Susan. It was simply the far corner of the garage complex that overlooked a field and the highway beyond it. “Quiet?” He asked. “Pretty much. The dog… what’s that dog’s name anyway?” she asked. “He doesn’t have one,” Mike admitted. “We, uh… we just call him The Dog, you know. He survived. He got … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: War At Home 1 by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #4 Project Bluechip: Watertown NY Complex C: Patient Ward. Test Subject: Clayton Hunter. Compound SS-V2765… Gabe Kohlson moved away from the monitors. “Heart rate is dropping, don’t you think…” He stopped as the monitor began to chime softly. Before he could get fully turned around the chiming turned into a strident alarm that rose and fell. “Dammit,” Kohlson said as he finished his turn. “What is it,” … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Los Angeles by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #2An apocalypse of epic proportions has shaken the Earth to it’s core. More than 90 percent of the human population has been wiped from the face of the earth. Those that have survived are struggling against all odds to stay alive. Around them the dead lay where they have fallen, but when catastrophe loomed inevitable the government released an airborne virus designed to make the human race tougher, … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Bear by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors The Story of Bear. Bear is the man who made his way out of New York amidst the death and destruction of the apocalypse and fought his way across the country, finally ending up a member of the Nation, and the Leader of the first OutRunner team. This book follows Bear from Manhattan to the Nation as he makes his way across the country and meets the people who will become members of the OutRunners, … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Billy by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: The Deal…The man moved more fully into the shadows. “You Gabe?” he asked in a near whisper. The darker shadow nodded. “You…?” He started. “Now who else would I be?” He asked. The darker shadow said nothing. The other man passed him a small paper bag. “Count it,” he told him. Gabe Kohlson moved out of the shadow, more fully into the light. “It’s a lot; I can’t stand here, out here counting it. ”The … Read more$2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors Life Stories: Beth by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors. Beth comes from Los Angeles in the first days of the Apocalypse and makes her way across the country to the east coast and then finds herself backtracking across the states to the middle of the country and the Nation which is growing in the former state of Kentucky. Before the apocalypse she is beginning to pull herself back up from the gutter of life, learning to live again, trust and believe. The … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Earth’s Survivors: The Fold by Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors “You’re afraid Frank, you’re afraid that God might ask too much… God don’t ever ask too much, just what you kin handle, Frank,” Jeremiah stated calmly. “God didn’t say you have to change, or tell you that you have to give up anything either, if that’s what you’re thinking. If a change comes to you, it comes to you because you wanted it. God just helps you to see what you want. What you really … Read more $2.99 USD
    • Rocket by Dell Sweet series Star Bound #1 Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He Purchased Star Dancer right out of school and has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon, Mars and Saturn’s moons. The times are changing though and the big money is in the longer out of system runs. To do that he’ll need a crew and … Read more $2.99 USD

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