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Genesis Earth: Armageddon

Glennville Book 5 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

On a faraway planet two armies face each other. This battle would determine the outcome of the battle on Earth, and there were no guarantees how it would finish up. In the Heavens, God reigns, offering the paths that can be followed. A beast locked within a pit for eons is bought to the surface in chains to stand before him, and is ultimately loosed on the world.

Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils

Glennville Book 6 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

In the second book the destruction has begun, and the lines have been clearly drawn. Those who are left alive, and those who have risen from the dead will begin to follow the paths that they have chosen, some reaching for salvation, some bent on complete destruction, others only long for the end of the fight and the peace they hope it will bring.

Genesis Earth: The roads out of Eden

Glennville Book 7 W. G. Sweet Wendell Sweet

In the third book the battle is racing toward conclusion. There are no guarantees of the outcome, those that fight, fight with the knowledge that they may fall and stay fallen forever, but that they might also rise to a new life. Those that have risen from the dead and those that abide in life will make their choices and the final battle will decide.

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