Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

SG Scrapwood update.

I did some more work to the SG project. I had last left it with places that I had filled and leveled out. The whole idea it to follow the grain on this which has been raised using a wire brush. So I spent a few hours sanding it all down and trying to get the deep scratches out of it.

I also built the rest of the loaded pickguard. I made a matte black mask for it, dug up some gold knobs to match the gold hardware, and adjusted some routing so it would all fit.

The other pieces, the nickle and the gears, will be countersunk into the top. Once I have all the scratches out I will spray this in two coats of black lacquer primer, sand that down to expose the grain, stain the grain and the exposed inset pieces and then clear coat it in two or three coats of matte clear.

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