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Michael Watson is the captain of an inner galaxy cruiser: He has spent the last twenty years running people and supplies to outposts within the confines of the Solar System and the established bases on the Moon and Mars.

“Anything on the head, the hands and the… appendage in the bag?” Sammy asked. Don nodded. “Carlos Sanchez. Fingerprints from the one good hand still in the bag. Long record.

TRUE: True Stories From A Small Town #2 This is not a book about me, or my time in prison, it is a book about the man who made a difference in my life. I mean a man who was actually good. Inside where it counts…

“Got a cleaner crew on the way up. You’ll pass them in the elevators. The boss is waiting on you guys.“ The voice came through the implant in his inner ear. No one heard what was said except him.

The first quake had been minor, but the big one was coming, and Major Richard Weston didn’t need to have a satellite link up to know that. He touched one hand to his head. The fingertips came away bloody.

The blond haired kid suddenly bolted upright, and seemed to jump from the rear of the Jeep. He landed on the roadway, rolled, and then was still.

The Great Go Cart Race The summer of 1969 in Glennville New York had settled in full tilt. The July morning was cool and peaceful, but the afternoon promised nothing but sticky heat. Bobby Weston and Moon Calloway worked furiously on their go-cart…

“Richie? The door was open, Rich. I called… The door…” She stopped when she saw the bodyguards lying in the hallway. They seemed tossed aside like big overstuffed rag dolls.

“You don’t think I’m easy, do you?” April asked. They were in the bedroom. She had simply got up and followed him down the hall to the bedroom.

“Oh yeah… Supply drop… Wrapped up like a… Like a douche, man..” “Uh uh, Beek, man, that line was really Revved up like a Duece,” Ronson said. “Okay, bad analogy…”

They were pinned down in the remains of a pole barn, in a field. The rains had been so hard, and so frequent that the fields and roads were completely flooded.

He got his gun up and a second later a figure ran around the edge of the building. He briefly, but it was long enough for the young girl to bring up her own weapon and fire…

The virus was so secretive that no one beyond the base knew the true nature of it. Several Army bases had secretly been infected and studied. The troops had survived their training with little food and water…

David opened the bag, but saw only crumpled up newspapers. Tentatively he pushed aside the newspapers and a pair of dead, dusty eyes stared up at him through the newspapers.

The city was a mess. Buildings toppled, streets blocked off with debris, no power and no people out on the streets that they had seen.

Against all odds the outskirts of the city seemed completely deserted. A wholesale place was deserted, the doors locked. A little nudge from the nose of his truck shattered the heavy glass doors.

The cops were brief: “I understand you had quite a lot to drink during the evening,” the big, blonde haired one said to him. “Well, yes,” David admitted. “But it’s my day off,” he added. “Easy, son. Nobody’s blaming you.

Joel sat quietly in the dark, his weapons gathered around him. He had gathered them from their own arsenals and they hadn’t even missed them.

Sunday morning. He held her and listened to her breath. He felt her soft breaths against his chest: Her skin against his skin; her warmth

He could feel the slick blood and splinters of bone under his hand, but he pushed the knowledge out of his mind, took a deep breath, braced himself and then reached down.

“I’m sorry, Alice, I can’t understand you,” he said. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a switchblade and held it close to his leg. She was already familiar with the switchblade.

Joel sat quietly in the dark, his weapons gathered around him. He had gathered them from their own arsenals and they hadn’t even missed them.

“I was watching it. There was some funny seismic stuff earlier and…” “And? Get to it,” Mieka shouted. “And the caldera floor dropped two feet in the last minute!” Panic gripped the room and voices immediately leapt into hurried conversation.

“Richie? The door was open, Rich. I called… The door…” She stopped when she saw the bodyguards lying in the hallway. They seemed tossed aside like big overstuffed rag dolls.

The bare facts were that the Yellowstone Caldera had erupted just a few hours before. The bare facts were that the earth quakes had begun…

“I don’t think we saw as much of the really bad stuff…” Haley paused for a second. “Back there, Manhattan, we heard some bad stuff. I mean like horror movie stuff. People looking dead but still walking around…

True: True Stories from a Small Town 3: Life in A minor In AA, they say that addictions will take you to hospitals, mental Institutions and prisons. They will, I have been in all of those places because of trying to solve problems with alcohol and drugs…

He had awakened hours later, the sunlight lower in the front windows. The leg was draining fresh blood now, but he could see that the poison had also drained.

He believed it would hiss and release a giant cloud of some sort of toxic gas. Waste, poison, something, but, how could he safely set it off and not be contaminated himself?

A scream cut off the conversation and both men turned quickly back to the monitor. The corpse was sitting up on the steel table. Arms drooping at his side. Mouth yawning.

“Dave… Tell me I’m wrong, but that f****r came back to life, right?” He was unsure even as he said it. Johns shrugged. “I think what happened is they missed something… We missed something. Maybe a lead came off…”

The shots had taken out the rear window, traveled through the car and taken out part of the front windshield too David guessed it had taken out the driver too.

The Borderline Collected Short Stories from dell sweet

Necro: John and Kate make their way through the Zombie Apocalypse on their own.

Alabama Island. The second time the fires had been out. Heat still came from the blackened shells, but the fires were dead. The moon was high in the sky, bloated, bright silver…

Full dark “I wanted… I wanted you to know it… I wanted you to know it,” Joel said. His words were garbled and barely intelligible. His eyes snapped open in the darkness, his breath caught in his throat…

He knew now that the book, The Book, was not just a book. It was real. The author must have been like a God or something, and so he had written the book as a warning.

“I don’t care what you think, girl. Get that money in the bag, and get it in the bag now.” He shifted away, leaning back from Haley, but with the mirrored sun glasses it was hard for her to tell whether he was still looking at her…

Ten bricks of the duct tape wrapped stuff that David assumed was Cocaine. Two more of the flat-black hand guns, and two thick wads of bills, rubber banded.

Dreamers. Laura is a dreamer, she can travel through space and time in the blink of an eye… #Fantasy #Scifi

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