Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Rode The Limited words and music Dell Sweet

Rode the limited was a song I wrote about a train ride I took in the early nineties from Alabama to New York. It was an awesome experience and the song is pretty much a microcosm of the trip. There was much more, but the song was already too long so I centered on the things that will probably be with me for life.
The rhythm is finger picked, so it may sound a little odd to you. I play all of my own instruments and I layer the instruments to put the band together.
That is kind of strange since I have a musical family, it’s just that none of us have been able to get together to do something like this. I would love to some day, but chances are I would still run it through my DAW because I would still want to play with the sound.
I use LMMS for a DAW. I use Audacity to record raw tracks and I have it packed with several hundred FX I have collected over the years. I have two mics on booms, and all the live stuff is piped through an 8 channel EQ with phantom power for the mics.

LMMS. Click the image to go to their site or download

Audacity. Click the image to visit their site or download

The drums come from Hydrogen or a program called Chord Pulse. Both are awesome. I write the music out, Chord Pulse can then assemble a band to play it. I record that to a raw MIDI file and both LMMS and Hydrogen Drum Machine can use that information to assemble the music. 

Hydrogen Drum Machine. Click to visit their site or download

Chord Pulse. Click to visit their site or download

At that point I can change any of those MIDI tracks into anything I want. A guitar to organ? Can do. Piano keyboard to a drum beat? Yes. It is awesome, and sometimes I have to stop myself or I’ll spend months putting together a song like I did with A Minor or War at Home.
Hope you enjoy the song…


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