America the Dead New York Podcast: Episode 1

America The Dead Podcast. A new episode is available every Monday; read by the author. The episodes follow a group of survivors holding onto life after a catastrophic event nearly destroys Earth and her inhabitants. From the small towns of America to the largest of cities, no single place is spared. The governments worldwide are gone. The military none existent. There are no borders, and those who have survived are scattered across the continent. Without the internet, phones, government they know nothing of one another, and there is no one they can turn to for help. The American military, in a last ditch effort to help people survive, and acting without the permission or support of the government, releases a virus designed to help soldiers survive war situations; even situations where they are deprived of food and water. Grave injuries should now be survivable; but the virus is flawed and the survivors who are left will find this truth quickly. They will find themselves facing obstacles they may not be able to surmount. As time passes they will find themselves struggling to survive attacks by the virus victims as well as fellow survivors. With no law and no military, the country becomes a wasteland ruled by strongmen. This first installment introduces us to the circumstances and the beginning of the end of the society most have come to depend on, and even taken for granted. Join me on Mondays for new episodes, and consider hitting the like button or following if you like this free series. Thanks for coming to my page, I’ll see you again next week, Dell…

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