I build a 7-string guitar from shop parts

This started out because I had purchased a new Schecter 7-string. I loved it, but I wanted a 7-string acoustic. I found a few available for crazy money, but none gave me both acoustic sound and electric. I have built dozens of my own guitars, and several years before I had built and 8 string, only 6-string guitars since then. I went out into my shop and the next thing I knew I was digging out the old 8 string plans I had hand drawn and planning a 7-string build based on those plans. I decided 1: I would build it from used parts, or raw wood. Things lying around in the shop. 2: I would do all the electronics myself to keep the cost down. Usually I buy pre-built drop-in stuff, but I have individual components by the drawer full. 3: It had to be playable and I would purpose build it just for me. I built the guitar and then did a version of my song A Minor with the guitar. That is the background for this build video. I hope you enjoy. If you like it leave feedback, I’ll upload other builds. Dell.

The book covers more if you would rather read it than view it…
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