I wanted to touch on intolerance a bit today. The more I see intolerance in this world this more amazed I am. Does it take a truck to run over some people to get them to see? I tend to not want to shove my complaints off on someone else. I see that often and I don’t like it, you have your own opinion or you don’t. If you do and you say things like, “Well, this guy said that“, or “That guy said this.” Then you are just wasting time. You are arguing someone else’s position and hedging your bets so that you don’t have to say anything about it yourself.

I would call that chickenshit, but of course that isn’t politically correct, so I would have to call it Waffling or something, but we all still know it’s chickenshit. And if you read my blogs I would say you are already aware that I am not politically correct anyway, nor do I have any aspirations of being politically correct. In fact, I think political correctness has its own place in the chickenshit lane. It says, I really want to say this, but I am afraid of what saying that can do to me.

Intolerance: I am a christian, but I am also part Native American, so I kind of mix those two things. I could lie and say, No, I am completely this way, or, I am completely that way. But I tell the truth when it comes to that because I happen to think the creator would want it that way. The thing is, I have three different kinds of blood in me and I wonder about all three of those cultures: And I have felt pulled by that mix of blood in several directions all of my life; as though I don’t truly belong in any of their cultures at all.

I don’t really get anything to my face, and I have lived awhile so there really isn’t too much that hurts my feelings, at least not when it comes to me. It is when I see intolerance towards others that I tend to get upset, especially if one of those someones is someone I care about, or it touches a nerve. I think that is maturity, moving past self to care of others.

Just food for thought. Be somebody. Stand for something. Say what you feel. To hell with those that don’t get it, or try to shut you up. You get one roll of these dice and it’s over, so make it count, Dell…

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