Food for thought… I was looking at my friend total on Facebook, and I noticed it is, at this point ten. I thought, holy crap, I better get a few more friends, I’m a little short. Most of my friends have many more.

Then I realized that although I have only ten friends I know them. I can tell you things about most of them. I wouldn’t have to stop and say… “Hmmm, George Jackson…. Hmmm. You know, I don’t know who in hell George Jackson is… I just don’t know.”

It is kind of weird to me that in this society we are measured by things like this though. Bob has 600 friends, but Marcia has 3400, so she’s a little further up the social ladder. To look at my friend list you would think I’m unpopular, have a need for more friends. Work a boring job in a factory somewhere, live with my mother… Um, wait, some of that is true, lol. But you would maybe think I lead an unfulfilled life, kind of pathetic, but it isn’t true. What is true is that the people I care about are really people I care about.

The rest of the world is closed off from me. I keep it and the bad stuff I know it contains at arms length. Tomorrow before dawn the hookers in Times Square will go home, and the garbage tucks will zip around and clean it all up really nicely. And even though I know those things, knowing them doesn’t change them at all. I will still be living my life as best I can with my ten friends. Looking for reasons to keep doing it every day, same as everyone does, either below or at the surface.

So I guess I am saying that life is not so bad. You keep the blues at bay, have one or two people who really and truly do mean the world to you and it’s pretty damn good to have that. Some people don’t, and some people don’t slow down long enough to ever know whether they have that or not.

Hope all of you are well and fighting the things that can make you unwell.

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