Shipping woes…Two weeks ago I placed a $150.00 order with eBay. 10 days passed, nothing showed up, I contacted the person, and they said I had not paid for it. I turned it over to eBay, and I will get my money back. Meanwhile, the same night the guy messages me and says, Hey, let’s Face time and work this out. I wrote it off to one scam artist in all that is going on.So, I replaced the order with PoshMark. Never used it before, but I figured the person had sales, and it looked good. The seller has refused messages, even from Poshmark. PoshMark extended the time I have to wait to file a claim to ten days because of the Covid19 scare, to allow sellers more time to ship. So, I went to Mercari and replaced the order for the third time, one day in, the money has been paid, no shipping info, but I am hopeful. So far I have paid for the same items three times, tied up several hundred real dollars, and received nothing.

Ironically, today, a guy I had sent a message to, asking if he would ship, responded and said yes. He lives across from UPS, he said. No problem… But, then he says… Hey, why don’t you call me up, and we’ll fix this, and includes the number. So he wants to settle it off the app, no protection at all for me, so I said no.

Be careful. Only use PayPal or something that guarantees you will get your money back. I think many people are freezing with indecision, fear, no idea what is happening outside their own doors. I also got scammed out of another $40.00 last week by an electronic site that takes your order and gives you nothing. Thankfully they had already been reported as a scam website and Paypal immediately returned my money. Funny, but I ran an eBay store and a guitar store for several years. In thousands of sales I was only scammed once. In the past few weeks it seems every scam in the history of on-line business has come out to play, so be careful.

Before I made the last order I typed Mercari into Google. Paranoid? No, unfortunately necessary. They came back respectable, real, and with reviews from both buyers and sellers. As for me, I think once all of my money is returned to me I will give buying a serious break for a while: And, I don’t think this is indicative of the world, just some individuals.

I hope all of you are staying safe, Dell…

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