City of the dead Kindle Edition

City of the dead Kindle Edition

by Wendell G Sweet (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

I was so caught up in wondering about the sparrow, that I paid no attention to the old man wandering slowly up the path behind me. The grit of a footstep at nearly the last second was all that alerted me. My hands came up reflexively and caught the edge of the wire as it came down to circle my throat. It bit into my hands momentarily before I was able to duck, roll off the bench; pulling myself free, hanging onto the wire with one hand. Pulling Abignew with me over the top of the bench. Catching him by surprise.
Blood ran down one of my hands from the bite of the wire, but both of my hands closed around Abignew’s neck, my thumbs on his windpipe, crushing. Squeezing. I suddenly shot forward into empty space, off balance as Abignew vanished before my eyes. But I caught his scent, closed my eyes and followed.

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