Hay Vida Series

By Dell Sweet

A crew escapes the loss of Earth and re-establishes life on a far away planet, but they are not alone. The planet had been seeded with forced prison colonists for years… Many have survived and now formed a resistance

Hay Vida

Series Order

Rocket by Dell Sweet Series: Hay Vida, Book 1. Words: 61,260. Language: English. Published: June 6, 2017 by W.G. Sweet. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Space operaFiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias

Star Dancer is an inner galaxy cruiser, transporting inmates and materials between the penal colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as supplies and people to the bases scattered throughout the Solar System. Her captain, Michael Watson purchased Star Dancer right out of school, but the last few trips have left him longing for more adventure out in the wider expanses of space…

Base One by Dell Sweet Series: Hay Vida, Book 2. Words: 62,810. Language: English. Published: February 27, 2018 by W.G. Sweet. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Space operaFiction » Science fiction » Apocalyptic

Nothing truly ends. We think highly of our race, and we believe that the end of society means the end of the world, but it does not. This time on Hay Vida we might not have to retreat to our DNA. It might be possible to go forward and adapt, but even if we did retreat it would not be world ending. It would only mean beginning anew in a more basic configuration of the life form we truly are…

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