Andrea Tyse: Erotic Fiction

In the past Jax Corbin had been the sexiest guy in high school. He was also Emma Benton’s childhood nemesis who lived next door. Emma’s life is filled with trying to make enough money to keep her family’s house from being foreclosed on and save up enough to eventually win her independence. To her dismay lately Jax has been hanging around his parent’s house and he’s started to take notice of something he hadn’t before. Emma has grown up.
No matter how hot everyone thought Jax was, to Emma he was ugly. At least that’s what she kept telling herself every time she saw him watching her walk past his parent’s house when he visited from college.

Jax relished his years as a bully, he’s completely unrepentant about the humiliation he served up to “Uggie” Emma in the past, but as he insinuates himself into her life, he starts to see her as a real person for the first time. He doesn’t like what he suspects is a bad situation in her home life either. The more he is around her, the more he sees how his past treatment may have made her life harder. Jax decides magnanimously that he is going to make things up to Emma, even if he has to bully his way into her life to do it. Soon Jax is all in and it’s up to him to show Emma how he feels and convince her that this isn’t just another cruel joke he’s playing.

All characters are 18 years and older. This book contains sexual content and is for readers 18 years and older. Mature Language. New Adult Romance/Erotica. Short Story.

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