The Nation Chronicles: Book One UK (The Nation Chronicles Trilogy)

Somebody with money and he could call the night good. Just enough to get a good high… Or enough to get enough shit to get a good high tonight and maybe a good high tomorrow when it all wore off and the jingle jangles set in? … Maybe, he decided.

The Nation Chronicles

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The scarred wooden door had been crossed and bound securely by black iron strapping, and a huge forged lock had been set securely into its face. As Ira had watched, the lock seemed to explode from some unseen force. The iron strapping had burst apart, and spun viciously down into the still draining molten rock, hissing as it touched the surface. 

The two men who now stood before them, had dragged the foul smelling man-like creature out of the darkness the door had revealed, and the level of the hot liquid below had suddenly risen, and had begun to cascade down into the now open doorway, enveloping whatever lay within. 

The man-creature struggled to free itself. 

“Stop!” the older man commanded. “There is no longer any reason.” 

The man-creature opened its mouth and pursed its lips as if to spit, and Ira turned his head from the squirming mass of snakes that tried to push through the small opening. 

Greenish bile flew from the creature’s mouth as it spoke, and, although the language was unfamiliar to Ira, the intent was clear. 

The older man’s face clouded over, and he raised his hand toward the screaming thing that was still being restrained. 

The flesh of the man-creatures face seemed to boil as new pinkish-looking skin formed, appearing from nowhere, and sealed its mouth completely shut. Ira could still see the snakes behind this newly formed tissue, twisting and turning, as they tested the strength of the enclosure. 

The green eyes of the man-creatures face burned momentarily, as if with fire, and the muscles in its body bunched, in an effort to loose itself from the two formidable men who held it.

The older man stood calmly beside Ira, and waited for the struggles to subside. When they had, he spoke. 

“You will listen,” he said, and then paused before continuing. 

“But of course I have forgotten myself; you do have a choice…”

“…Do you choose not to listen?” 

The man-creature slowly shook its head back and forth from side to side.

“Bring him here and release him,” the older man commanded the two men, who were still holding the man-creature they had dragged from the pit behind the old door.

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