America the Dead Podcast Episode 18


Episode eighteen of the popular America the Dead series:

His eyes moved across the jumbled and leaning buildings, the vehicles that burned where they had crashed. The square looked like a battleground. Greasy, billowing smoke hung in the air like a black cloud descending on the downtown area. He heard Ronnie coming up through the trees. He turned away from the square and waited for him to top the rise, and then the two of them walked back towards the opposite end of the parking lot where they could watch the entrance to State Street, most of that end of the square and both the edge of Factory Street and Mill Street as it began its run across the damaged bridge to the north side of the river.

“What’s going on? Can you see anything?” Ronnie asked.

“Some. You’ll see in a few minutes. What happened with the car?”

“Dead. Got three more clip rifles though.”

“So they were down with Sin and Death?”

“Looks like it to me. Same rifles, anyway.”

Mike was nodding. “I guess I knew it.”

Tim and Lilly stepped out of the shadows and nodded as Mike and Ronnie walked up.

“Quiet,” Lilly said. Tim nodded.

Mike handed one of the Machine pistols to Ronnie.

“Nice… Illegal, but nice,” he said.

“Takes standard Nine Millimeter ammo.” Ronnie started to hand it back. Mike shook his head. “Hang on to it,” he looked around at the parking lot. “I’m convinced they’ll be back.”

Ronnie nodded. “Four up here?” he asked.

“Five. They killed one of the women trying to escape.” Tim and Lilly had dragged her back into the woods while he’d been gone. He had seen the vague shape off in the thicker woods as he and Ronnie had walked up. “How many in the car?”

“At least five,” Ronnie said.

“Jesus… This is so stupid.” Mike said. Ronnie nodded and then went back to watching the greasy smoke rise up into the air.

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