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America the Dead Podcast: Episode 3

America the Dead Podcast: On Apple. Join me on Mondays for new episodes, and consider hitting the like button or following if you like this free series. Thanks for coming to my page, I’ll see you again next week, Dell… America the Dead Podcast: Episode 3. A new episode is available every Monday; read by […]

America the Dead Podcast: Episode Seven

Apple: Local: Episode seven of the popular America the Dead series: The survivors venture out for the first time on their own, looking for vehicles, other survivors and beginning to make planes among themselves for leaving in the spring, striking out across America, looking for a place to be able to begin again… […]


Dell Sweet: Wendell Sweet Donita looked out on the city now. The fires were everywhere. Twice, a few days back, the planes had overflown the city. Bear had been down in the park trying to find out what was going on. She had been alone, jumping at every sound.

Do our cats eat better than we do?

Have you ever been on your way to the kitchen to make a peanut butter sandwich, with jelly of course, at 1:30 A.M. and of course you just get the bread out and the noise of the plastic wrapper alerts the cats, and they are on you like… Well, cats on people with food. So, […]

Zombie Fall: Read by the author

Zombie Fall: Geo lived alone outside the small city of Watertown. In early fall things began to get weird, dead crows, something was living in the barn, he just couldn’t catch it to see what it was. Strange noises in the night, and then one day the young woman who helped him do his shopping […]

Zombie Fall

A short story I wrote a few years back for a magazine article. I had one day notice, and so I sat down and wrote, sent it my writer friend Andrea and between the two of us we polished it up and sent it out…


This is my own account of addiction. Where it led me. How bad it became. How early it began, and how I eventually overcame it with a great deal of help and a great deal of destruction behind me. Even with that I am fortunate. Some addicts never triumph, and some gain only momentary relief […]


FRED SANFORD AND SON PREPAID FUNERAL SERVICES. As we approach this holiday season, we at Sanford and Sons Funeral Home would like to express our thanks in advance for all of you that will drink and drive, kill yourself over failed relationships, drop dead of a heart attack shoveling the driveway, decide you’re really not […]

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