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How did you write that

Dell Sweet 07-24-17 I recently published a story in a magazine, and had a conversation with the editor about writing and how it works for me. I said that what I do is take a mental outline of what I want and go from there. I usually commit those same ideas to paper. I don’t […]

America the Dead Apple Podcasts Episode: Nine

Apple: Local: Episode nine of the popular America the Dead series: The Earth has not yet stabilized from the catastrophic events. The survivors suffer through some of what they hope to be the last changes… Like the Podcast? Get the books at Google Play!

Dell Sweet on YouTube

Check out my YouTube Channel at the link below. All the things I do are there. Guitar Builds? Yes. Songs I have written or performed? Yes, also there. Channels I follow? Yep, right there. The America the Dead Podcasts? Yes, there with bonus episodes too; that you can’t get anywhere else. 3D RAD stuff? Yes, […]


I wanted to touch on intolerance a bit today. The more I see intolerance in this world this more amazed I am. Does it take a truck to run over some people to get them to see? I tend to not want to shove my complaints off on someone else. I see that often and […]

Prison 101:1

This is real. If real offends you give it a skip… STOP! This material is NOT edited for content. It is not fiction. It contains explicit language and descriptions of real situations. It is not suitable for minors, and may not be suitable for people who easily disturbed… CAUTION! Language, Violence I understand being alone: […]


Dell Sweet: Wendell Sweet The old Chevy idled roughly at the curb. “Murder…” He waited. “I want you to go in… See what’s what… “Joe you take the lead… He comes out, you go in… Cappie, you’re on the bag. Register to register… Get the money and get out fast.” Check out the podcast!

Some of my Guitar Builds

I rebuild a junked $25.00 Ovation into a Studio guitar from used parts lying around my shop. Check out more of my builds in the Guitar Works series!


Welcome to the America The Dead Homepage Apple FEEDS for the Podcast: America the Dead Podcast on Apple America the Dead Audio Podcast on Apple YouTube FEEDS for the Podcast: eBooks & Paperbacks EARTH’S SURVIVORS AMERICA THE DEAD: BEGINS THE END (Book -1) Dell Sweet: Wendell Sweet “The virus is designed to live within the […]

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