Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Dragon by Nuance, Naturally Speaking

I have tried Microsoft built in speech to text a few times. Better microphones, etc., but it just didn’t do well, most especially when I talked at a normal pace, or somewhat fast, it became all messed up and what it produced was garbled junk.
So I had given up on that technology to get my books out of notebooks and into a digital format so I could work on them.
A few weeks back saw a copy of Dragon, Nuance, Naturally Speaking software ver. 14. I ignored it because I had assumed that Dragon was for learning to speak other languages, and it does that, but it also does speech to printed text and printed text to speech: So as my eyes were skimming over it to reject it they caught on a few words and I found myself reading it.
Long story short, it was a two year old version, a good deal and so I bought it, installed it a month or so ago and then got sidetracked on building a Plex server and never got back to it to try it out.
Meantime, I ordered a proper dictation Mic. for it and set it aside when it came.
Yesterday I was reassembling my machine after having installed the Plex server on it, and then splitting it off to its own server with 2 terabytes of drives, one of which is nearly full of movies and shows already; I saw Dragon and decided I would try it today. To me that usually means ‘I want to try it, but I will forget by morning so let’s not get too serious.’
In a wondrous turn about I remembered and about Noon got it up, found it worked much better with my Snoball boom mic, and began a new ES book.
I started on notebook two: It should have been notebook one, so I am 200 pages into the work, lol, but, I dictated 11 k words in about three hours. All perfectly clear, in face the faster I went the better it seemed to learn. Six million times better than Microsoft speech to text. In fact at the end I stopped, marveling, and it said to me… “Candace said…” which were the last words I had dictated, prompting me to continue. I nearly jumped out of my chair, when this somewhat robotic voice said that to me, lol. But I took the prompt and finished that sentence and called it a day. I am very impressed.
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