Wed. Jan 26th, 2022



Book One: Apocalypse, free eBook. The end comes swiftly. Few will live, fewer still will survive

Book Two: Rising From The Ashes: I-Tunes From L.A. To Manhattan lawlessness is the rule, eBook…

Book Three: The Nation #iTunes

The Nation takes shape and the people who will build it #eBook #horror

Book Four: Home In The Valley. Building the first and most important settlement #Apocalypse

Book Five: Plague #Undead Plague outlines the sudden rise of the dead across the country #eBooks

Book Six: Watertown. A virus capable of raising the dead comes up missing at a top secret lab. #PAW

Book Seven: World Order. The final book. Will the Nation crumble or rise…? #Dystopian

Book Eight: Knock. Something hit the truck hard and it rocked on its springs. The smell of death hit them about the same time, and Beth hit the gas, mashing the pedal into the floor boards.

Book Nine: Alabama Island. The second time the fires had been out. Heat still came from the blackened shells, but the fires were dead. The moon was high in the sky, bloated, bright sil-ver… #Undead #Zombies #iBooks

Book Ten: Zombie Fall. Then the cold came upon you, found you, along with its understanding and you were fine. You began to understand that life was just a short stop on the way to dead and that dead was just a way station to dead. And dead could be forever… #Zombie #iTunes


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