Recycle your old computer tech

Recycle your old electronics. Be in compliance with Federal electronic disposal rules. I can accept Monitors, HD TV, Computers, Keyboards, Mice, Printers for recycling. I would like to expand at some point, when I do I will relist what I can accept. No fee, I up-cycle what I can and Recycle the balance to proper vendors.

How to: Box it and send it to …

ATT: Dell

29500 County Route 50

Black River NY 13612

I can not accept postage due. I can not yet accept other electronics.

Who I am:

About Dell Sweet

I was born in New York, and wrote my first fiction at age seventeen. I drove taxi and worked as a carpenter for most of my life. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1975. I have written more than twenty books and several dozen short stories.

I write books, build guitars, recycle computer parts, things I am limited to after open-heart surgery a few years back. Recycling is one of those things I can do that doesn’t require physical strength. I learned about the recycling laws and requirements after trying to dispose of my own computer parts, as well as learning how to do it legally and responsibly, and where to up-cycle the older parts.

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