Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Single books from author W. G. Sweet

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The bandage was soaked through with blood so he changed it as he sat in the truck and gathered his strength. America The Dead Book One:

He came close to slamming his fist into the cement floor. Not frustrated at all, he told himself. Not even a little. America The Dead Book Two:

The world had been turned upside down for the last few days. There was no official word that anything was wrong at all, but someone had f****d up. Of that he had no doubt at all. America The Dead Book Three:

“Flat lined,” Kohlson said as he pushed a button on the wall to confirm what the doctors one level up already knew. Clayton Hunter was dead. America The Dead Book Four:

Was he dead? Was he? But I know that he was. I suppose that wild dogs or something got him. We didn’t talk about it, but it bothered all of us. America The Dead Book Five:

Alabama Island. Alabama Island is a new society that rises from the ashes of the old… These are the people who build it… Alabama Island:

Everything that was the same about the city. The things you could depend on to be the same day after day, were gone. A few short days and they were gone. No more. And it had a feeling of permanence to it. A feeling of doom. Zombie Book One:

They are the ones who search out supplies, fight the Zombie Plagues and live in the constant danger of the real world so that the others can live in the safety of their settlements. Zombie Book Two:

They stopped beside the grave, and silence once again took the night, no sounds of breathing, no puffs of steam on the cold night air. Zombie Book Three:

In this book Pearl’s story is more fully told and many deleted scenes are added back to more fully tell the story of the Zombie Killers as a group. Zombie Book Four:


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