Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Sumatra PDF – free eBook reader

Sumatra PDF.
Sumatra PDF is a open Source eBook reader that can read MOBI (Kindle) EPUB (NOOK and iTunes) PDF and just about any eBook format out there. It will work right on your desktop – laptop and loads quickly. Whenever I am reading something at my desk or on my laptop it is what I am using.
Open Source stuff is meant to be free stuff that is striving to be equal to pay software, and Sumatra is there.
The Web site and a compiled Windows version:
Get an EXE installer for WIN 32 or WIN 64
Like to work with code? You can go to GITHUB and download the source code and compile your own version:
An image below of me reading Flint Of Dreams in Sumatra…
Flint Of Dreams:
An image of me Reading Invariant a graphic novel in Sumatra…
Check it out if you need a reader that can read all of your eBooks, PDF documents and more….
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