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America the Dead Podcast: Episode Seven

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/america-the-dead-new-york-podcast-wendell-sweet/id1495878572 Local: http://wendellsweet.com/ATD-POD/ATD07.mp4 Episode seven of the popular America the Dead series: The survivors venture out for the first time on their own, looking for vehicles, other survivors and beginning to make planes among themselves for leaving in the spring, striking out across America, looking for a place to be able to begin again… […]

Zombie Fall: Read by the Author

Live Now! Zombie Fall: Geo lived alone outside the small city of Watertown. In early fall things began to get weird, dead crows, something was living in the barn, he just couldn’t catch it to see what it was. Strange noises in the night, and then one day the young woman who helped him do […]