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The Zombie Plagues 3

The Zombie Plagues 3…   This material is copyright © 2017 Geo Dell and is used here with permission Watertown, New York They came from the hill. They came from the many graveyards that dotted the city where they had hidden in fear. They came from the surrounding countryside and made the journey to the small […]

Writers and how we think

Writers and how we think Writing Posted by Geo Writers… We often sit around and think things like this… “It was a warm winter that year…” No, no, no… Hmm… “It was the winter of our…” No, already used… Damn… “Winter came quickly to the north country as it was wont to do. My brother and I […]

The Zombie Plagues on NOOK

The Zombie Plagues on NOOK (Barnes and Nobel) Check out the series and get book one FREE!     The Zombie Plagues Book 1: If the world ended tomorrow would you be able to survive? #Zombie #Nook #horror http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-zombie-plagues-book-one-geo-dell/1116974111?ean=9781492798668   The Zombie Plagues Book 2 follows a small group of men and women as they […]

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