Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Time for a new Jean Auel movie?

I was thinking it is time to do Jean Auel’s 2nd book in the Earth’s Childrens series, The Valley of the Horses. The Clan of the Cave Bear with was a good book, the whole series was, yes I would have liked some a resolution, but I’m a writer, so I understand how that is. And the movie with Daryl Hanna was excellent; so, book two, The Valley of the Horses would be a great movie, followed by the Mammoth Hunters and played by??? Katee Sackhoff. I think it is a part she could play well. Well, if I had a few million lying around I would make it happen. So it is Thursday, why not check out Jean Auel’s Earth’s Childrens series, if you never have, or if you feel you would like to read it again? Have a great Friday and look forward to the weekend, Dell…

Jean Auel:

Katee Sackhoff:

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