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America the Dead: Alabama Island Podcast

The second leg of the America the Dead series; Alabama Island. When the survivors in Glennville discovered one another they began to do the same things survivors all over the world were doing; search for other survivors and better circumstances. This series follows the Glennville survivors as they first find one another, and then set […]

America the Dead Podcast: Episode 2

America the Dead follows a series of events here in the early episodes, that lend understanding to what happened and how it happened in the days of the old world. The virus origins, the things that were known and ignored by the military and governments… Things that had profound effects on those who will survive […]

Zombie Fall: Read by the author

Zombie Fall: Geo lived alone outside the small city of Watertown. In early fall things began to get weird, dead crows, something was living in the barn, he just couldn’t catch it to see what it was. Strange noises in the night, and then one day the young woman who helped him do his shopping […]

Geo Dell – Guitar Works Books

The AdjustOvation Build: This is a complete start to finish custom build. The base is an Ovation Applause with the upper bout holes. I planned out this build for several months and then put the pieces together for this build over a few months while buying other parts for my guitar site. The idea was […]