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Earth’s Survivors Home in the Valley

Small bands of survivors are joining together, making their way across the devastation of America…The morning turned to early afternoon before the four trucks pulled up out of the field together, followed the service roadway back onto route 3 and headed toward Clifton. Cammy studied a map as Bear drove.“It’s hard to believe this is […]

Unused Diary Entries: Earth’s Survivors-8

It wasn’t hard to find it. It’s on an old abandoned road below the level of the square, but a good hundred feet or so above the level of the river. Some of the rock cliffs that towered above it had fallen. The factory itself seemed okay. It’s built from what looks like rock from […]

Things I have written

I decided to write about what I have written. It might surprise you to know what I have written and published, and what I have written that remains unpublished at this time and may always remain unpublished… Zombie: I would love to start out by saying I am done with writing  the Zombie series of […]

So you want to start a web business

I understand your concern of becoming involved with almost anything on the internet, because you could very well lose money, time and resources. And, unfortunately, a great many business ventures that are out there are nowhere near as profitable or as easy as they appear to be, or are pitched to us to be in […]

Zombie series from W G Sweet

I have been absorbed in the world of Bear, Beth, Billy, Cammy and the other Zombie characters. When I write, that is the way it is for me. I jump in and it is as good as a movie for me, in many ways even better. The craft, or art, of writing is like that […]

New writing: An early man series anyone?

When I read my first article, as a kid, about early man, I was hooked on that history. Whenever a new documentary, or docu-series, or even a conference on new discoveries comes out, I watch it. What we know has changed dramatically over the years. Cavemen, in the early days, were portrayed as crude, violent, […]


Shipping woes…Two weeks ago I placed a $150.00 order with eBay. 10 days passed, nothing showed up, I contacted the person, and they said I had not paid for it. I turned it over to eBay, and I will get my money back. Meanwhile, the same night the guy messages me and says, Hey, let’s […]

Unused Diary Entries: Earth’s Survivors-6

Candace ~ March 8th Fresh snow today. The whole world is covered in clean, white snow. It makes it look like nothing ever happened here. I’m with a man named Jake. He’s crazy about me. I just can’t feel the same. I could fake it, but I told myself I’m not going to do that. […]

Corona Virus

Dell Sweet Good early morning from New York. I live next to the largest winter military training base in the world, Fort Drum N.Y. I literally live less than a half mile from what used to be the main gate. I went through that gate all the time as a kid to sell newspapers to […]

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