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A new Ovation project

A new project I’ve been working on the last week or two, on and off, a quick fix of a stripped Ovation Applause. The guitar bridge was set badly. When I got the guitar it was stripped of all parts, bridge gone, tuners, electronics, and the back cover was missing also… Stay tuned, more to […]

Frequent Walker

Premiers today on YouTube… I wrote this song in one shot, most of it came as fast as I could write it. I understood what it was as I wrote it, although the lyrics are slightly obscure, or seemed to me to be (I’ve since been told by readers that it’s not so obscure but […]

Southern Cross Cover

Another song cover, just, mic. guitar and me. The guitar is another one I hand built, this one a seven string jazz guitar with dual humbuckers that can be blended with the dual soundboard mounted piezo disks. Built in tuner and a hand shaped brass bridge. Southern Cross is a song I have admired for […]

California Calling

Verse One: Waiting on your doorstep …                                                       Oh I’m a sorry man… What will be tomorrow…                                                             Tell me if you can… Instrumental————————transition – single acoustic——————————- I know that life is calling…                                                          Don’t leave me behind… In all the world there’s no one left for me…                                 to find… Hook #1 But you’re thinking it over… such […]